Data mapping

Optimise your strategy through data visualisation

Sometimes the simplest way to understand where the opportunity lies is to see it in situ. By using the latest mapping software, we can provide a visual report on the location of prospective customers — street by street — to help you plan effective sales and marketing activities.

Making data work in this way has several benefits that can help with sales territory planning, event and delegate marketing, cluster group analysis and mapping market penetration and potential.

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Sales territory planning

Some questions are almost impossible to answer unless data mapping has been applied to the business. We'll help build a visual map of your current sales coverage and overlay knowledge about potential business to ensure your sales teams aren’t missing business.

The benefits behind correctly allocated sales territories include:

  • Management can control field operations based on the size of the opportunity
  • Help pinpoint and track field coverage, to ensure continued growth and business development
  • New customers and prospect enquiries (leads) can be allocated efficiently to the appropriate salesperson
  • Ensure a company allocates territories on an equal-opportunity basis
Sales territory planning - hotspots for workforce allocation
Event marketing drive-time map — a radar showing users' relative locations

Event and delegate marketing

The key to a successful event has a much to do with its location as it does with the subject matter. For example, there is little point hosting an event aimed at the oil and gas industry in Loughborough when most of your target audience is based in Aberdeen.

Let us help you identify the most suitable invitation list by creating ‘drive-time’ maps showing the potential audience 30/60/90 minutes away from your event. This knowledge is vital to be able to predict likely attendees to your event and to plan effectively.

Cluster group analysis

There's a tendency for specialised areas of manufacturing to gravitate towards each other by location, such as Automotive in Coventry and Medical in Cambridge. This makes cluster group analysis a powerful tool when looking to identify new business targets.

Cluster group analysis benefits your business by:

  • Helping to more accurately focus your resources
  • Identifying market location hot spots
  • Ensuring your teams target the right areas by using an overlay of your sales activity
Cluster groups — marked industry hotspots

Mapping market penetration and potential

Before sales and marketing resource is allocated, you need to understand the potential of the market and how well your operation currently covers it.

By combining our mapping software and market knowledge together with your customer datasets, we’ll quickly identify any gaps by producing detailed reports that your sales and marketing team can use to develop customer acquisition strategies.

We will provide you with a full analysis, showing areas of strength/weakness allowing you to make the appropriate judgements before committing resource.

Give your existing data a kick-start

Contact us today for a quote and get started on enhancing your data.

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